Greater Chicago

The Greater Chicago Chapter of the Victorian Society in America schedules six activities a year, five in the immediate area and one further away but close enough to be a day trip.

Among the programs under consideration for 2015 are a visit to a Toby Jug Museum and to a personal natural history collection. Doesn't everyone have a dinosaur skeleton in the basement? Another program may be a visit to Hull House, once the Italianate Victorian home of Nobel Prize winner Jane Addams, who turned her home into the country's first settlement house in 1899. The second floor has recently received a period restoration. The museum follows Addams' example by prompting visitors to engage with the great social issues of today, challenging what most of us think is the purpose of a house museum. The chapter anticipates a visit to an exhibition of Victorian-era arts and crafts jewelry presented in a Gilded Age mansion. We will attend a performance of the play Bloodhound Law, a world premiere about the Fugitive Slave Law as it applied to Illinois, followed by a reception with the cast. The reception will be in the Edgewater Beach Apartments designed by famed architect Benjamin Marshall. A recent open house sponsored by the Chicago Architecture Foundation attracted 3,000 to view the public areas of this iconic building. The chapter's day trip will take us to the Hegeler-Carus Mansion in LaSalle, Illinois. Details of these programs are being developed and are subject to change.
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