Previous Book Awards

2016 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award ~ Henry Howard: Louisana's Architect by Robert S. Brantley with Victor McGee

2016 W.E. Fischelis Award ~ Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends by Richard Ormond, Elaine Kilmurray, Trevor Fairbrother, Marc Simpson, Erica Hirshler, Barbara Weinberg, and Barbara Gallati. 

2016 Ruth Emery Award ~ The Dakota: A History of the World's Best-Known Apartment Building by Andrew Alpern. 

2015 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award ~ American Gothic Art and Architecture in the Age of Romantic Literature by Kerry Dean Carso. To induce a thrill, Victorians read British Gothic literature. Carso shows how these experiences were catalysts for a Gothic sensibility in American painting, architecture, garden design and literature.

2015 W. E. Fischelis Award ~ Beyond Grief: Sculpture and Wonder in the Gilded Age Cemetery by Cynthia Mills. This beautiful, thoughtful book discusses high-style memorial sculpture and the functions it served for its patrons and in the public realm of the cemetery, in exhibitions, and in the media.  

2015 Ruth Emery Award ~ Cincinnati Silver 1788-1940 by Amy Miller Dehan, with contributions by Janet C. Haartz and Nora Kohl. This volume thoroughly demonstrates that Cincinnati was a consumer and producer of luxury silver for its own use, and for the nation.

2014 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award ~ Becoming Tom Thumb: Charles P. Stratton, P. T. Barnum, and the Dawn of American Celebrity by Eric D. Lehman. Deeply humane and splendidly researched, the book is the first to do justice to Charles Stratton, better known as General Tom Thumb. It shows him to be a charming and dynamic entrpreneur who shrewdly exploited his international celebrity, by no means a hapless victim, and it does so with great insight and sympathy. 

2014 William E. Fischelis Award ~ Tell it With Pride: The 54th Massachusetts Regiment and Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Shaw Memorial by Nancy K. Anderson and Sara Greenough. This beautiful catalogue casts new light on one of America's finest sculptures, Saint-Gaudens' memorial to the 54th Massachusetts Regiment. Besides showing the sculptor's extraordinary preparatory studies, it provides the first comprehensive examination of the soldiers who comprised that all-black regiment, along with a poignant inventory of their names, ages and occupations. The volume is a magnificent study of the art and the soldiers it memorializes. 

2014 Ruth Emery Award ~ Community By Design: The Olmsted Firm and the Development of Brookline, Massachusetts by Keith N. Morgan, Elizabeth Hope Cushing and Roger G. Reed. Whether or not Brookline was "the richest town in the world," as was sometimes claimed, it was remarkably beautiful and influential. That this was largely the achievement of Frederick Law Olmsted is persuasively demonstrated by this superbly researched and well-written account. 

2013 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award ~ Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts and the World's Fairs 1851-1939 by lead authors Jason T. Busch and Catherine L. Futter. 

2013 William E. Fischelis Award ~ Angels & Tomboys: Girlhood in 19th Century American Art by lead author Holly Pyne Connor. 

2013 Ruth Emery Award ~ Sanctified Landscape: Writers, Artists and the Hudson River Valley, 1820-1909 ~ by David Schuyler. 

2013 Citation for Excellence ~ Capricious Fancy: Draping and Curtaining the Historic Interior 1800-1930 by Gail Caskey Winkler, in recognition of its contribution to the design history of the 19th century. 

2012 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award ~ Denman Ross and American Design Theory by Marie Frank.

2012 William E. Fischelis Award ~ The Weir Family 1820-1920: Expanding the Traditions of American Art by Marian Wardle.

2012 Ruth Emery Award ~ James Riely Gordon: His Courthouses and Other Public Architecture by Chris Meister.

2011 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award ~ Peabody and Stearns: Country Houses and Seaside Cottages by Annie Robinson.

2011 Ruth Emery Award ~ See and Be Seen: Saratoga in the Victorian Era by Hollis Palmer.

2011 William E. Fischelis Award ~ John S. Sargent: Portraits in Praise of Women by Patricia Hills and Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz.

2010 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award ~ Henry Austin: In Every Variety of Architectural Style by James F. O'Gorman. The first full-length study of an architect who embodies the eclectic sprirt of the America nnineteenth century, this book makes a significant contribution to the study of the architecture of the period and should serve as an important reference on its subject for years to come.

2010 Ruth Emery Award  ~ The Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion by John C. Eastberg. This exacting study of a single historic home captures a microcosm of the social, historical, architectural and decorative currents of the period.

The W.E. Fischelis Award was not presented in 2010

2009 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award ~ The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs by Joseph Cunningham. With its groundbreaking work on one of the most innovative furniture makers of the early twentieth century, this book makes a significant contribution to the study of decorative arts.

2009 Ruth Emery Award ~ Harbor Hill: Portrait of a House by Richard Guy Wilson. As a study of the social, cultural and economic implications of the great house in America, this book expands the meaning of a single architectural masterpiece to explore its broader context.

2009 WilliamE. Fischelis Award ~ Like Breath on Glass: Whistler, Inness and the Art of Painting Softly by Mark Simpson, Wanda Corn, Cody Hartley, and Michael Lewis. By creating a dialogue between two artists not normally associated with one another, this beautifully-produced catalog provides illuminating and innovative perspectives on a unique approach to painting.

2008 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award ~ George Inness: A Catalogue Raisonné by Michael Quick. For its thorough treatment of a highly influential figure in nineteenth century landscape painting, this beautifully presented book will serve as an important reference on its subject for years to come.

2008 Ruth Emery Award ~ Jacob Weidenmann: Pioneer Landscape Architect by Rudy J. Favretti. Thoroughly researched and beautifully illustrated, this book fills a gap in the literature on landscape architecture.

2008 W.E. Fischelis Award ~ Cecilia Beaux: American Figure Painter by Sylvia Yount, Kevin Sharp, Nina Auerbach, and Mark Bockrath. This catalogue thoughtfully and beautifully reasesses one of the greatest painters of the American Renaissance.

2007 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award ~ Owen Jones: Design, Ornament, Architecture and Theory in an Age of Transition by Carol A. Hrvol Flores. For its groundbreaking treatment of a highly influential figure in nineteenth century architecture and design, this beautiful book should serve as an important reference on its subject for years to come.

2007 Ruth Emery Award ~ Temple of Invention:  History of a National Landmark by Charles J. Robertson. For providing social, cultural and political context to a national landmark, this book  is an elegant model of the architectural monograph.

2007 W.E. Fischelis Award ~ Americans in Paris 1860-1900 by Kathleen Adler, Erica E. Hirshler and H. Barbara Weinberg. A model of international collaboration and innovative scholarship, this catalog beautifully illustrates cross-cultural influences at a transformative time in American history and culture.

2006 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award ~ Adolph Cluss, Architect: From Germany to America, Co-edited by Alan Lessoff and Christof Mauch. For its international collaboration as well as its introduction of an important architect to the national canon, this book should serve as a model for future scholarship in the field of architecture in the United States.

2006 Ruth Emery Award ~ A Brass Menagerie: Metalwork of the Aesthetic Movement by Anna Tobin D’Ambrosio.  With its elegant presentation of a dazzling assemblage of American decorative metalwork, this catalog will doubtless serve as a reference for years to come.

2006 W.E. Fischelis Award ~ The Shipcarvers’ Art: Figureheads and Cigar-Store Indians in Nineteenth-Century America by Ralph Sessions, for creating a new standard reference for the uniquely American art of wood-carving and for 

2004 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award ~ Thomas Jeckyll Architect and Designer, 1827-1881 by Susan W. Soros and Catherine Arbuthnott for “a comprehensive, lucidly written exhibition catalogue that is a pioneering study which illuminates the career of this brilliant and unjustly forgotten Aesthetic Movement designer.”

2004 Ruth Emery Award ~ A Separate Sphere: Dressmakers in Cincinnati’s Golden Age, 1877-1922 by Cynthia Amneus, Marla R. Miller, Anne Bissonnette and Shirley Teresa Wajda for “a beautifully photographed, thoroughly researched and compellingly written book, innovative in its integrated approach, that presents the oft-neglected products of women artisans as a subject worthy of careful consideration.”

2004 W. E. Fischelis Award Whistler, Women, & Fashion by Margaret F. MacDonald, Susan Grace Galassi & Aileen Ribeiro, with Patricia de Montfort for “a work whose authors have explored the painter's lifelong fascination with the world of fashion and have produced a delightful book with an intelligence and elegance that is a worthy match for its formidable subject.”

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