Nineteenth Century Index 2010 to present

Volume 30 Number 2, Fall 2010

Domestic Arrangements and Rearrangements; George Frederick Watts and the Princeps - Rozanne Cohen 

Popular Horticulture and the Philadelphia Centennial - Haneen Rabie

Testudo: A Forgotten New England Artists' Retreat - Libby Bischof

Sea Battles on Boston Common - Helen Hannon

Voysey in Connecticut - James F. O'Gorman

Milestones: Memento Mori: The Triangle Fire - Sally Buchanan Kinsey


Volume 31 Number 1, Spring 2011

The Egyptian Revival Reception Room at Cedar Hill - Marissa Hershon

The Electrified Goddess: Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Stanford White and Diana at Madison Square Garden - Elizabeth Lee

The Tales of Tom Thumbtack, Architect - James F. O'Gorman

Victorian Revival in Wisconsin: Neo-Rococo Surrealism at Ten Chimneys - Keith D. MacKay

In Memoriam: Guy Lacy Schless (1929-2011) - Michael J. Lewis

Prservation Diary: A New Shell - Warren Ashworth

Milestones: Lady Lucy, Survivor - Sally Buchanan Kinsey


Volume 31 Number 2, Fall 2011

Queen Victoria as Artist, Art Collector, and Patron - Barbara Finney

The 1883 Texas State Capitol - Ali James

John Rogers, Portraitist - Kimberly Orcutt

Colonial Revival in the Suburbs: The Path to Irvingcroft - Susan Nowicki

Caring For 19th Century Furniture - John Dilks

Milestones: Words and Music-  and War - Sally Buchanan Kinsey


Volume 32 Number 1, Spring 2012

An Aesthete's Lair: The F. Holland Day House - Libby Bischof and James F. O'Gorman

"Shocking Scenes of Dissipation" Artists' Studios and Cultural Backlash - Karen Zukowski

William Pretyman, Designer - John Waters

Aspiration and Obsession: Henry Clay Frick and the W. H. Vanderbilt House and Collection - Melanie Linn Gutowski

Preservation Diary: Cleveland's Model Preservation Assistance Program

Local Focus: Symbols of Slumber: Children's Funerary Sculpture in Norfolk's Elmwood Cemetery - Jaclyn Spainhour

Victorian Innovation: American Patent Models - Charle Robertson

Milestones: Ruskin and the Stones of Lucca - Sally Buchanan Kinsey


Volume 32 Number 2, Fall 2012

Henry Sykes, Western New England Architect - David Hosford

Frank Furness and the Popular Arts: Two Recent Finds - Michael J. Lewis

The National Peace Jubilee - Helen Hannon

Imitation Stained Glass "A Graeful Lady-Like Mode of Ornamentation" - Julie L. Sloan

Local Focus: Fish Story - Diana Pederson

The Bibliophilist: Karen Zukowski, Sandra L. Tatman, Anne-Taylor Cahill, Michael J. Lewis

Victorian Travel Tales: Viareggio: Something About the Water - Sally Buchanan Kinsey


Volume 33 Number 1, Spring 2013

Little Treasure Chanber of Perfect Works - Sirpa Selenius

English-American Identity and the Gothic Revival - Anna Nau

Agecroft Hall - Chris Novelli

William Bailey Lang's Highland Cottages - James F. O'Gorman

Local Focus: Roswell Gleason, Massachusetts Metalsmith - Anthony Sammarco

Preservation Diary: The Hereford Inlet Lighthouse - Warren Ashworth

The Bibliophilist: Tara Leigh Tappert, Brian Coleman, Joyce Mendelsohn

New & Noteworthy - Anne-Taylor Cahill

Victorian Travel Tales: Murder on Maiden Lane - Sally Buchanan Kinsey


Volume 33 Number 2, Fall 2013

Winslow Homer's Maine Studio - James F. O'Gorman

C. A. Neff - Steven M. Purdy

Capturing an Era Under Glass- John Whitenight

Preservation Diary: Lest We Forget...The Battles to Preserve New York City's Historic Rail Stations - Gibson Craig

The Bibliophilist: Barbara J. Mitnick, Erin E. Eisenbarth, Sally Buchanan Kinsey

Victorian Travel Tales: Sip and Savour the Victorian Way - Sally Buchanan Kinsey


Volume 34 Number 1, Spring 2014

Almost Lost - Jane Karotkin

American Artists in London at the International Exhibition of 1862 - Barbara Finney

Curiosities and Wonders - Cynthia Haveson-Veloric

Architecture and the Decorative Arts in Henry James's The Spoils of Poynton - Marie Frank

Preservation Diary: Ragdale and Chicago as the Axis Mundi of Modern Architecture - Warren Ashworth

Art-Historical Sleuthing - James F. O'Gorman

The Bibliophilist: Karen Zukowski, Michael J. Lewis, Jeannine Falino

Inside the Victorian House: Socrates at Home - Anne-Taylor Cahill


Volume 34 Number 2, Fall 2014 All-British Issue in Honor of the 40th Anniversary of the VSA London Summer School

Owen Jones and the Interior Decoration of the London Crystal Palaces - Carol Flores

"Dear Godwino..." - Jennifer Adams

Clotilde Brewster - Laura Fitzmaurice

The Manor Reborn - Jennifer Carlquist

A History of the VSA London Summer School - Gavin Stamp

The Arts and Crafts Movement in England - Alan Crawford

Victorian Transfer-printed Ceramics - Ian Cox

The Bibliophilist: Jeannine Falina, Joyce Hill Stoner, Gina Santucci

Milestones: He Stole the Queen's Knickers - Anne-Taylor Cahill


Volume 35 Number 1, Spring 2015

Philadelphia's Forgotten Plein-Air Portraitist - Gilllian Greenhill Hannum

Art Meets Science - Paul Doros

William Morris Changes Abodes - John Waters

Learning from Europe - Tania June Sammons

Preservation Diary: Iviswold Castle - Warren Ashworth, Annabelle Radcliffe-Trenner

Furthermore... Gervase Wheeler Revisited - Renee E. Tribert, James F. O'Gorman

The Bibliophilist: Anne-Taylor Cahill, David B. Dearinger, Deborah Dependahl Waters, Karen Zukowski

Milestones: The Bonfire Ballerina - Anne-Taylor Cahill


Volume 35 Number 2, Fall 2015

From Hammer to Drafting Pen: Edward Shaw of Boston - James F. O'Gorman

A New Look at Victorian Furniture: Triumph of the Picturesque - Oscar P. Fitzgerald

Marie Spartali Stillman: A Pre-Raphaelite in America - Margaretta S. Frederick

Restoration of the Gardens at Naumkeag - Jane Roy Brown

Sleuthing... Frank Furness Furniture - David L. Barquist

Collecting... "Blooks" - Mindell Dubansky

Milestones: Munshi Mania - Anne-Taylor Cahill


Volume 36 Number 1, Spring 2016    (34)

All in the Family - Majda Kallab Whitaker

Planning the Suburban House - Paul Kruty

From Maine to oregon - James O'Gorman

Restoration of the Woodrow Wilson Family Home - Rik Booraem

In Search of the Unspoken Language of Rooms - Pauline Metcalf

Revitalizing Staten Island's Landmark Snug Harbor - James Lim and Graham Hebel

What the...Dickens? Anne-Taylor Cahill


Volume 36 Number 2, Fall 2016     (22)

Maymont: A Virginia Study in Gilded Age Eclecticism  - Dale Wheary

Politics and Paintings - Barbara J. Mitnick

Hummingbirds, Emperors, and Railway Barons - Cynthia Haverson Veloric

The Struggle for Professionalism - Robin H. Prater

Greene and Greene's Robert Pitcairn, Jr. House, Pasadena - Anne E. Mallek

Young Busler Goes to the Fair - Jeanne Solensky

The 40 Elephants Rampage London - Anne-Taylor Cahill


Volume 37 Number 1, Spring 2017

Sara Chapman Bull's Teakwood Rooms - Roberta A. Mayer and Susan Candrick

Frank Furness: Perpetual Motion and "The Captain's Trousers" - Michael J. Lewis

Hart's Parish Churches - John H/ Carnahan and James F. O'Gorman

William Noland:  The Making of a Virginia Architect - Christopher V. Novelli

The Regilding of St. Gaudens' Diana 

A Penny for Your Thoughts - Anne-Taylor Cahill 

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