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Historic preservation was a founding principle of the Victorian Society in America - and since 1966 the Society has supported preservation efforts throughout the United States. Activities in this field are conducted in response to and in support of the Society's members in two principal ways:

The Awards Program
The flagship program that the Society initiated many years ago grants annual awards for projects of outstanding merit in the preservation or restoration of buildings or significant artifacts constructed or created between 1837 and 1917. Preservation organizations are also eligible for awards. Nominations must be submitted by an individual national member of the VSA or by a VSA chapter. If a building or artifact is within the jurisdiction of a VSA chapter, the nomination, if submitted by an individual, must receive the endorsement of that chapter.

Requirements and Nomination Form

2014 Preservation Awards

Previous Awards by Year

Letters of Support
From time to time, a crisis arises in the saving or preserving of Victorian buildings or significant artifacts that are threatened with demolition or other adverse action.

For buildings or artifacts constructed or created during the period 1837-1917, the Preservation Committee of the Victorian Society will be pleased to write a letter of support to an individual or organization about a specific local preservation threat or problem.·

The letter of support must be requested by an individual national VSA member or by a VSA Chapter. If the building or artifact is within the jurisdiction of a VSA chapter, the request, if submitted by an individual, must receive the endorsement of that chapter.

CLICK HERE for the form to request a Letter of Support

Print the form and mail, email or fax together with a draft of your suggested letter ·to the VSA's Philadelphia office for investigation and review by the Society's Preservation Committee.· Attachments are welcome if the space provided is inadequate.·

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