A challenge for a national organization is how to monitor and effect our mission locally.  This is where valuable contributions are made by local Chapters.
Chapters of the Victorian Society in America must retain a close relationship with the National body, and yet they operate independently: maintaining their own membership lists, and holding their own events at the local level.
Many people find benefit to being members of both the national body and a local chapter.
Please note that membership in the national VSA does not include membership in any of the chapters, just as chapter membership does not cover that of the national organization.

Forming a local chapter

If you are interested in forming a local chapter of the VSA, click here for the materials you need along with the steps to follow.

Joining a chapter

If you are interested in joining an existing local chapter click on the links below for contact information and for news of their recent activities.
Alumni Association
For former attendees of the Summer School

Columbia River Plateau
Ritzville, WA area

Eloise Hunter
Norfolk, Virginia area
Falls Church
Northern Virginia/suburban Washington, D.C. area

Greater Chicago
Chicago Metropolitan Area: Chicago and its seven collar counties

Iowa and Nebraska


Metro New York


Northern New Jersey
Based in Montclair

New England
Based in Boston

Based in Port Townsend, WA

Ohio River Valley
Based in Cincinnati, Ohio

Saint Louis


Washington DC Metro

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