The Victorian Society in America publishes an award-winning scholarly magazine (19th Century) twice per year, and the seasonal Victorian Quarterly newsletter, published four times per year.  Back issues of our publications are available at a nominal price plus shipping while supplies last.

19th Century

The flagship publication of the Victorian Society in America is the respected NINETEENTH CENTURY published in the Spring and Fall as a benefit to members.

It is devoted to the cultural and social history of the United States during the Victorian era, with regular features on Architecture, Fine arts, Decorative arts, Interior design, Life-style, Clothing, Photography, and more.

We encourage features on personalities, material culture, architecture, gardens, interior design, fine and decorative arts, and photography. Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by an editorial board. Click here for how to submit an article for consideration.

Nineteenth Century is accepting new advertisers. Please click here if you are interested in advertising in our publications.

Editor: William Ayres

Consulting Editor: Sally Buchanan Kinsey
Book Review Editor: Karen Zukowski
Advertising Manager: Wendy Midgett
Graphic Designer: Wendy Midgett

The Victorian Quarterly, published since 2009, is the current newsletter of the Society. It contains news of national and chapter events, exhibitions, symposia and books, as well as features on individual members and business partners. The current newsletter is available online, and·in hard copy for those without computer access.

Editor: Sue Verzella, Business Manager

The Victorian, a newsletter published by The Victorian Society in America from 1981 to 2008 focused on then-current activities and the latest news from the Society's local chapters. The Victorian listed nineteenth century exhibitions, lectures, trips, symposia, new books, grants, and educational opportunities within the United States. Back issues of THE VicTORIAN may be available at a nominal price plus shipping while supplies last.

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