Life Members

The Victorian Society in America is extremely grateful to its life members, for their generous support as permanent partners in our mission to keep the spirit of the nineteenth century alive.
W. F. Axton
Patrice Kay Beam
James Elliott Benjamin
Shelley Bergmann
Donald Bergmann
Louis Blumengarten
Mary Boehm
Gordon Braham III
Billie Britz
C. Dudley Brown
David Buchta
Elizabeth Buford
Frances Buford
Dyantha Burkhardt
John Canny
Steven Cappel
Robert and Carole Chapman
Robertson Collins
Francis Coughlin
Sheila Donahue
Ed Douglas
Murray Douglass
Richard Driehaus
Ian Dungavell
Sue Erpf Van De Bovenkamp
David  and Mimi Findlay
Tranda Fischelis
Ronald Lee Fleming
Streeter Flynn
Christopher Forbes
Richard Ford
Carol Gayle
Eugene Gorman
Glenn Hjort
Anne Hodges
Douglas Holsclaw
Margaret Keyes
Sally Kinsey
Brendan Kirby
Gwendolyn Koch
Elaine Kotin
Clason Kyle
San Lee
Deborah Ann Light
Stewart Manville
Clark Marlor
Willie Meadows
Dr. William Murtagh
John Neal
James O'Gorman
Dean Owens
Martha Sue Parr
Bunny Price
Eugenia Price
Ronald Ramsey
Robert Rettig
Paul Rich
Charles Robertson
John Robinson
Mary Roehm
Lucy Scardino
William Seale
Joanne Stern
Brit Storey
John Sweeney
Sergei Troubetzkoy
Marilyn Tuchow
Sallie Wadsworth
Joan Wells
William Wilson
1636 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Online: email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or apply online.
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