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EverGreene Architectural Arts was established in 1978 to provide design, conservation and restoration services for distinctive interiors of historic and contemporary buildings. EverGreene has worked on thousands of historic and new interiors from coast to coast including more than 200 sacred spaces, over 200 theaters; 30 state capitol buildings, as well as scores of civic buildings, commercial lobbies and museums. Our team of highly skilled artists, craftspeople and conservators has an encyclopedic knowledge of historic and contemporary materials and construction methods

EverGreene’s services include: 
Preconstruction Design Services
Conservation & Restoration
Decorative Painting
Murals & Other Artwork
Plaster & Scagliola
Painting & Coatings
Stone, Wood & Metal Treatments
Acoustical Treatments: Fabric Panels & Plaster
Specialty Contracting

Award-Winning Decoration & Restoration Since 1978
New York Office
450 West 31st Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10001-4608
T: 212.244.2800 x55
F: 212.244.6204


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