Annual Meetings

Each year the VSA holds its Annual Meeting and tour in a different location of Victorian interest.
Members assemble for several days of motoring and walking tours taking in museums, historic buildings,· banquets, receptions and the Annual Business Meeting where, among other things, the VSA awards presentations are made.
Did you know?
The first Annual Business Meeting was held, standing room only, at the Grolier Club in New York City.· The July 1968 Newsletter reported that "Police estimated the crowd at 150".
In 1978, the Annual Business Meeting of the VSA was held in the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.
In 2001 at the Annual Meeting in Victoria, BC, John Simonelli and Pat Pixley laid a laurel wreath at the foot of Queen Victoria’s statue in front of the Parliament Buildings.· It was Queen Victoria’s birthday that day, as well as just over 100 years from her death.· John gave an appropriate speech while the press took pictures.· During the night, a good-intentioned but misguided soul moved the wreath to the War Memorial; VSA members moved it back to Queen Victoria—a journey which may be continuing to this day.
In 2005, at the Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico, long time member and founder, Robert Rettig coincidentally met up with an old friend, Ghislaine Grenier, whom he had no idea was a member of the society.· They had not met since living in the same building over 40 years earlier.
2002 Louisville, KY
2000 Philadelphia, PA
1998 Omaha, NE
1997 Chicago, IL
1996 Richmond, VA
1995 Boston, MA
1994 San Francisco, CA
1993 Savannah and Jekyll Island, GA
1992 Nashville, TN
1991Pittsburgh. PA
1990 New Orleans, LA and Natchez, MS
1989 St. Louis, MO
1988 Charleston, SC
1987 Toronto, ON
1986 Philadelphia, PA
1985 Des Moines, IO
1984 Richmond, VA
1983 New York, NY
1982 Baltimore, MD
1981 Newport, RI
1980 Denver, CO
1979 Cincinnati, OH
1978 Washington, DC
1977 Boston, MA
1976 Savannah, GA
1975 Hartford, CT
1970-74 Athenaeum, Philadelphia, PA
1969 Grolier Club, NYC First Annual Meeting
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