Magazine Index 1975 to 2010

Volume 1 Number 1 January 1975 SOLD-OUT

Life and Architecture in Two Georgia Houses - Bentley and Bickel

The Athenaeum in Philadelphia - Moss

Furniture Manufacturing in Chicago - Hanks

Nineteenth Century Portfolio: The White House

An Inventory of the Architectural Library of H.H. Richardson - Hitchcock

Volume 1 Number 2 April 1975

In San Francisco: A Gingerbread Remembrance - Delehanty

Eliza Barchus: Painter of Scenery - Agnes Barchus

The Iolani Palace

An Inventory of the Architectural Library of H.H. Richardson - Hitchcock

The Case for Federal Patronage of the Arts

The Restoration of the Furness Building of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts - Boyle

Volume 1 Number 3 September 1975

Nineteenth Century Blandwood in North Carolina - Edmunds

Blandwood and the Italian Villa Style in America - Davies

Lincoln Park: A Notebook of Architectural Types - Sprague

Rollo on the Mississippi - Myers

XIX Advisor - Household Hints from Michigan, 1878

Volume 1 Number 4 Winter 1975

Rothermel's Battle of Gettysburg: A Victorian's Heroic View of the Civil War - Winer

The Riggs Mansion: A Washington Banker's House - Goode

Exterior Color and the Victorian Home - Dornsife

The Dragons and the Swiss: An Earlier International Style? - Kidney

XIX Advisor - News About Women, 1864

Volume 2 Number 1 Spring 1976 SOLD OUT

On Savannah Squares - Morrison

Draft Heating and Ventilating Systems of the Victorian Era - Vanderweil

A Gothic Sampling - Sadler

Nineteenth Century Denver - Storey

James Bogardus in Philadelphia - Lee

XIX Advisor - On Savannah Tables after the War

Jesse Luse's Marshfield Sun - Beckham

Volume 2 Number 2 Summer 1976 SOLD OUT

Gentle Shade: Nineteenth Century Garden Houses - Douglas

What is the neo-grec? - Ames

Oh for a Lodge in Some Vast Wilderness - Gilborn

Amoskeag Mills: A Sense of Place - Langenbach

Victorian Premonitions of Wright's Prairie House in Downing and Scott - Downs

The Victorian Society Summer School - Emery

The Traveled Victorian in Colorado's High Country - Freed

The Victorian Woman and Keeping Fit - Jailer

XIX Advisor - Promenade in Mexico City, February 29, 1840

Volume 2 Number 3-4 Autumn 1976

An Unpublished Introduction to "Temples of Democracy" - Hitchcock

The Picturesque and Utopian - A Contrast in Spaces - Zukowsky

Thomas Day, Cabinetmaker - Barfield

Japan at the Centennial - Finn

The Kansas-Colorado Building at the Centennial - Benson

A Tragic Circle - O'Gorman

Sitting in (Neo-Grec) Style - Ames

1876 on the Mall - Fisher

The Traveled Victorian in Northern California - T Hill

Volume 3 Number 1 Spring 1977

Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Havermeyer as Collectors of Degas - Moffett and Streicher

George Francois Mugier: A Louisiana Photographer - Kemp

Splendor and Gloom: The Decoration of Victorian Railroad Cars - White

Prairie Profile: Jens Jensen and Chicago's Parks - Collier

English Bards and Boston Buildings - Dahl

Product of an Age: The Gothic Revival in the United States - Howe

Volume 3 Number 2 Summer 1977

Frederick Law Olmstead's Theory of Landscape Design - Beveridge

"This Brilliant Year" An Exhibition of The Royal Academy

My Kind of Town, Ambler, Pennsylvania - Sadler

Carl Faberge in London - Snowman

The Royal Pavillion at Brighton in America (An Exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt) - Myers

The Furniture Industry in Victorian Boston - Seidler

Frith's Photographic Views of Egypt - Hemphill

Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee of 1887 - Lant

Volume 3 Number 3 Autumn 1977

On the Myth of Victorian Prudery - Maas

Portfolio: Not So Prude Nudes

The Cinemascopic West of Albert Bierstadt

On Collecting Nineteenth-Century Photographs: Part 1

Alverthorpe ex Tenebris - Ames

American Architecture and the Search for a National Style in the 1870's - Wilson

The Iron Fence at Sailor's Snug Harbor - Shepherd

Volume 3 Number 4 Winter 1977

Decorating for the Frederick Vanderbilt's - Menz and McTernan

Willard Metcalf's "The Ten Cent Breakfast" _ de Veer

Stained Glass in American Architecture - Downs

Portfolio: Alma Tadema

Lawrence Alma Tadema: His Forgers and His Imitators - Swanson

Children as Innocence from Cole to Cassatt - Fink

On Collecting Nineteenth-Century Photographs: Part 11

Volume 4 Number 1 Spring 1978 SOLD OUT

Tiffany Today - Deisroth

Dennis Miller Bunker (1861-1890) Rediscovered - Edwards

Portfolio: The White House/ 1873-1902 - Monkman

The Language of Flowers - Swarthout

Mark Twain's Angel Fish - Bickel

Old Sacramento Historic Area - Henley

Big Apple's Little Houses - Noble

William G. Comstock, or How America Went to Seed - Sloat

"The Falls Let Out a Roar" - Alaya

Volume 4 Number 2 Summer 1978 SOLD OUT

Belle Epoque Baubles - Sataloff

Indoor Gardening - Childs

Portfolio: Biltmore "The Vanderbilt Versailles" - Seale

At Home with the Duke of Wellington - Forbes

J.F. Millet's "The Gleaners" - Hedberg

Warner's The Red Brick Store - Neubauer

Volume 4 Number 3 Autumn 1978

Collecting Arts and Crafts - Bohdan and Volpe

The Royal Academy of 1878 - Wood

At Home With the Countess of Rosse: 18 Stafford Terrace - Jervis

Portfolio: Lalique

Sucessful Brew: The Scholarship Fund Tea - Forbes

The Victorian Society, Some Comments - H.R.H. The Duke of Gloucester

Donald G. Mitchell and the Colonial Revival before 1876 - Rhoads

100 Years of Happy Hooking - Curran

Introducing S.F. Pratt - Weiss

Volume 4 Number 4 Winter 1978

Native American Art/The Pioneer Collectors - Conn

Portfolio: Recreating the Past

The Gillow Family and their Furniture - Reynolds

Whistler, Shannon and the Revival of Lithography - Delaney

PUNCH'S Linley Sambourne - Ormond

Volume 5 Number 1Spring 1979

The Days of Magic Lanterns - Leighton

Houses and Interiors as Characters in Edith Wharton's Novels - McGinty

Portfolio: Rural Rockwood - Kaliski

Cincinnati in the Time of Mrs. Trollope's Bazaar - Deatrick

Beer Steins: Memento's of Nineteenth-Century Germany - Lowenstein

The National Academy of Design - Hamilton

Profile: Baudelaire as Concerned Observer - Wagner

Volume 5 Number 1 Spring 1979

The Days Of Magic Lanterns - Leighton
Houses and Interiors as Characters in Edith Wharton's Novels - McGinty
Portfolio: Rural Rockwood - Kaliski
Cincinnati in the Time of Mrs. Trollope's Bazaar - Deatrick
Beer Steins: Mementos of Nineteenth-Century Germany - Lowenstein
The National Academy of Design - Hamilton
Profile: Baudelaire as Concerned Obsever

Volume 5 Number 2 Summer 1979

Cambridge Carriage Houses: Lake View Avenue - Rodgers

A Little Light on Gas - Myers

Portfolio: Glenveagh Castle - Murtagh

Last Moments of Great Interiors on Gramercy Park - Gibbs

American Art Pottery - Blasberg and Volpe

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, 1848-55 - Bayley

A Great Nineteenth-Century Museum Survives: The Essex Institute Salem -Farnam

Profile: Who Was Frances Lichten? - Pitts

Volume 5 Number 3 Autumn 1979

Positive Process: Photographs from the Early Nineteenth-Century - Fink

A Grecian Style-Vignette in the Midwest - MacDougal

Footnote from the Berkshires - Chapman

Hot Hairpin in a Bottle: The Beginnings of Incandescence - Cox

Portfolio: The Tampa Bay Hotel - Dickson

Nineteenth-Century at Yale University - Stayton

Nineteenth-Century Profile: Thomas U. Walter - Ennis

Volume 5 Number 4 Winter 1979

Edwin Bryant Crocker's Art Gallery in Sacramento - West

Portfolio: Camden - Howland

The Metropolitan Hotel and Niblo's Garden: A Luxury Resort Complex in Mid 19th Manhattan - Smith

Adelicia's House: Trophies of a Weekend Collector - Cooney

The Rural Cemetery - Remes

Nineteenth-Century Profile: First in the East, First in the West - Lord Timothy Dexter - Lockwood

Stone Beasties - Gurfein

Volume 6 Number 1 Spring 1980

Who Was Pierre Auguste Cot? - Rubin

The Forgotten Napoleon - Forbes

Victorian Jewelry Made of Hair - Blersch

Portfolio: H.H. Richardson's New York Senate Chamber Restored - Hitchcock

The Style Troubador - Harlow

How America Met Mr. Lincoln - Holzer

Nineteenth-Century Profile: Francis Benjamin Johnson - Peterson

Volume 6 Number 2 Summer 1980

John Henry Belter: A Rococo Revival Cabinetmaker in the Limelight - Franco

"Rehabilitation" of the Lone Star Brewery - Hole

A Curator's Definition of the American Renaissance - Murray

McCormick's Victorian Reapings: An American Collection of British 19th Century Pictures - Forbes

Wallpaper Samples Uncovered! Comments by Samuel J. Dornsife - Phillips

William McGregor Paxton and Examples of Nineteenth-Century Taste - Krause

Vintage Views of Historic Philadelphia: Antiquarian Photography - Finkel

Stone Cemetery Sculpture: A Survival Crisis - Bryant

Candace Wheeler, Textile Designer for Associated Artists - Williams

Volume 6 Number 3 Autumn 1980

Cast Iron Stoves from the Upper Hudson Valley - Groft

Architects Look at Interior Design - Stayton

A Craftsman Restores the Ornamental Plasterwork in the Old Merchants House - Flaharty

Stained Glass of Tiffany and LaFarge in the Met's New Wing - Bordes

Schlinder, Roller and Company: An Unknown New York Cabinetmaker - Strickland

Little Known Painters of the French Realist Tradition - Weisberg

Plain and Fancy: Incandescence Becomes a Household Word! - Cox

Ghosts around Piper's Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada - Loney

A Photograph and Artist's Rendering: Keys to the Restoration of a National Landmark - Scott

L. Frank Baum and the Land of Oz: A Children's Author as Social Critic - Luehrs

Volume 6 Number 4 Winter 1980

J.M. Waterhouse, R.A. and the Influence of Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema - Hobson

The Czar's Colts - Dow and Wilson

Recreating Costume of the 1830's - Severa

The Work of the Photographers Bonfils, 1867-1916

Haircloth Upholstery - Congram

The Late Victorian Hallstand: A Social History - Greene

Unknown Wight Designs in Louisville, Kentucky - Jones and Kinsman

Viollet-le-Duc and the Preservation of National Patrimony - Harlow

Volume 7 Number 1 Spring 1981

Colorful Victorians - Moss

The Victorian Lilliput - Little

Restoration of the Butternut Rooms, Chateau-sur-Mer, Newport, Rhode Island - Cherol

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Recognizes a Neglected Epoch: German 19th-Century Painting- Schiff

The Sarsaparilla Generation! - Mraz

Leaves and Flowers in Victorian Title Pages - Mosimann

Victorian Horticulture: The Smithsonian Approach - Buckler

Ogden Codman, Jr.: A Clever Young Boston Architect - Metcalf

Volume 7 Number 2 Summer 1981

Gothic Revival Stained Glass of William Jay Bolton: A Preservation Project and Census - Clark

Wallpaper: Influences of the Industrial Age and French-Inspired Realism-Lynn

Victorian Kitchens - Lantz

Sculpture in Victorian Fiction - Dahl

Recliners and Sofa Beds, a Search for Comfort - Talbott

Railroad Builders and the Golden Age of California Art - Wilson

The Railroad and Western Tourism - Walther

Ragtime to Restoration - Berger

Cast-Iron Masterpiece: Gothic Revival Tomb of President Monroe - Gayle

Tin Can Technology - Sacharow

The Story of a Bad Boy: Thomas Bailey Aldrich's Tom - Durel

Volume 7 Number 3 Autumn 1981

Asa Packer's Lehigh Valley Railroad and Mauch Chunk Mansion - Fink

Celebration of the Harvest Home - Coski

The Medical Community - Cash

Timetable of Carpet Technology - Dornsife

Landseer: Queen Victoria's Favorite Painter Copied in America - Rishel

Volume 7 Number 4 Winter/Spring 1981-82 SOLD OUT

The Evolution of Major Collections: David Daniels' Drawings and Sculpture - Reymert and Kashey

Cult of Domesticity - Watson

Heirloom Vegetable Gardens - Kline

Rugby, Tennessee: Thomas Hughes's "New Jerusalem" - Minton

Volume 8 Number 1&2 VICTORIAN RESORTS and HOTELS

Health Restoring Resorts on the New England Coast - Ahearn

On the Veranda: Resorts of the Catskills - Blackmar

The True Carlsbad of America: The Hotel Broadwater and Natatorium of Helena, Montana - Dean

Meet Me In Dreamland: The Early Development of Amusement Parks in America - Flint

Hotel Design in the Work of Isaiah Rogers and Henry Whitestone - Jones

The Hotel Del Coronado and Tent City - Kantor

Foreign Travelers and American Hotels - Maass

Wicker: the Vacation Furniture - Menz

Cracker Resorts (Florida) - Warner

Rustic Connotations: Furnishing National Park Hostelries - Wheaton

From Informality to Pomposity: The Resort Casino in the Later Nineteenth Century - Wilson

Nineteenth Century American Resorts and Hotels - Wilson


Respectability at $50.00 Down, 20 Months to Pay! Furnishing a Working Class Victorian Home - Cohen

They Don't Make it Anymore - Faude

The Fine Points of Furniture, American Empire: Late, Later, Latest - Fenimore

Studies of Specific Firms and Forms/Prosperity Through Patents: The Furniture of George Huntzinger &Son - Flint

The Ironies of Style: Complexities, Contradictions in American Decorative Arts - Green

Arms Across the Border: Trade in Chairs and Chair Parts Between the United States and Upper Canada - McIntyre

Studies of Specific Firms and Forms/The Spinning Wheel as Artifact, Symbol and Source of Design - Monkhouse

Studies of Specific Firms and Forms/Seating for Anyplace - Roth

A Tradition in Transistion: The Boston Furniture Industry, 1840-1880 - Seidler

Boston Nineteenth-Century Pianoforte Manufacture: The Contribution of Jonas Chickering - Smith

Shop and Factory: Philadelphia Furniture Makers and Manufacturers - Talbott

High Style in Montana: The Kohrs Parlor - Wheaton

Volume 9 Number 1&2 Spring 1984

The Castle in the Gothic Novel - Miller

Castles on the Ellipse: Ceramics at the DAR Museum - Berry

Vernacular Castle: Echoes of Scott's Abbotsford in Tennessee - McCrady

Sentinel of Yesteryear: Centennial Salute to Narragansett's Towers - Klein

American Women in Art Pottery - Siegfried

Ocean Grove, New Jersey: Queen of the Victorian Methodist Camp Meeting Resorts - Parker

Volume 10 Number 1 1990 SOLD OUT

The Easel Paintings of William de Leftwich Dodge - Platt

Gilbert and Sullivan in America - Wilson

River Workhorse - Hedberg

Clayton - Moore

Nineteenth Century American Prints - Toohey

Love-Freighted Lips and Other Earthly Delights in the Pre-Raphaelite Garden - Kinsey

Pull, Look and Listen - Solis-Cohen

Volume 10 Number 2 1990

Samuel J. Dornsife Honored - Moss

The Dawn of A New American Art - Danly

The Willows - Strathearn

Historic Staunton Foundation - Dameron

Architectural History and the Great Camps - Reiff

The Gould Family at Christmas - Epstein

Death as a Way of Life - Swaab

Volume 10 Number 3 1991

Hammatt Billings: Prolific, Protean, Important ... and Forgotten - O'Gorman

From the Pages of... Manners, Culture and Dress of the Best American Society, 1891 - Wells

The Early Ornamemt of Frank Lloyd Wright - Dellin

Winslow Homer's Wood Engravings - Quinn

Favorite Victorians: Oscar Wilde - Kinsey

Laissez la V.S.A. Rouler - Zerega

Volume 10 Number 4 1991

A Bird in a Bush (H.H. Richardson) - O'Gorman

Orphans preferred: The Story of the Pony Express - Pope

The Landscape of The Shadows-on-the-Teche - Credle

Pont-Aven: Innkeepers as Art Patrons (Part One) - Sellin

What's For Dinner? - Mogul

Victorian Collection II (Fabrics and Wallpapers) - Slavin

A Wallpaper Newspaper from the American Civil War - Melians

Volume 11 Number 1&2 1992

Favorite Victorians - Kinsey

Some Nineteenth Century American Furniture of the Collection of the Victoria & Albert - Wainwright

The Windows of Trinity Church, Boston and Oudinot's Stained Glass -Norton

The Schweinfurth Brothers -- Architects - Schofield

Pont-Aven: Innkeepers as Art Patrons (Part Two) - Sellin

Volume 11Number 3&41992

American Monastic; or, The Meaning of Shaker Architecture - Emerich

"Silent, Weird, Beautiful": Philadelphia City Hall - Lewis

From the Pages of...Shoppell's Modern Houses, January 1886

Terra Cotta Incognita: Turn-of-the-Century Ceramic Art in the New York City Subway System- Ayres and Bloodworth

Volume 12 Number 1 1993

Samuel Bancroft, Jr. and his Pre-Raphaelite Collection - Elzea

"To the Painter, the Poet, the Sculptor, and the Novelist": Louisa Tuthill's Architectural Writings - Allaback

The Architecture of Fisk University - Mitchell

Walter Crane's SKELETON in ARMOUR - Crane

"Winter Newport": Notes on the History of The Jekyll Island Club

"Sacred Encounters": Father De Smet and The Rocky Mountain West - Peterson

Volume 12 Number 2 1993

Photographic High Jinks at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts - Leibold

"Beginning Again, Regularly": Victorian Serials - Ashton

Delegations and Degradations: Alexander Gardner's Photographs of North American Indians - Danly

Smaller Camps of the Adirondacks - Reiff

Favorite Victorians: Famous and Forgotten; Mary Anderson, The "A Mary Can Act-ress" - Kinsey

Volume 12 Number 3&4 1993

Christmas in Lynn, Massachusetts: The Evolution of a Holiday - Shephard and Turino

From Horsecar to Subway: How Victorians Shaped the Modern Metropolis - Brooks

The Decorative Designs of George Herzog (1851-1920) - Luellen

"He was not a Connoisseur": Peter Widener and his House - Lewis

Volume 13 - not issued

Volume 14 Number 1 1994

Haseltine, Agassiz, and the Rocks at Nahant - Bedell

Palmy Days and Lien Times - Broderick

Funding the Temples of Masculinity - Moore

San Francisco's San Miguel Rancho - Kortum

Furness and Richardson - O'Gorman

Volume 14 Number 2 1994

A President Dishonored (Grant's Tomb) - Scaturro

A Material Culture Time Capsule - Montgomery

John La Farge and the Decoration of the David Levy Yulee House - Yarnall

The Image of the Bison - Eager

Volume 15 Number 1 1995

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Hult

The New York Crystal Palace America's Progress, Power, and Possibilities - Gayle

Three Victorian Women View the City - Allaback

The Making of LOST LOVE - Cooper

The Nineteenth-Century Genesis of Tennessee's African-American Higher Education - Wynn

Volume 16 Number 1 1996

Carriage Trimming: Culture, Comfort and Mobility - Ferrell

Clarence John Laughlin's Photographs of Nineteenth-Century Galveston- Hurwitz

William A. Lang: Denver's Residential Architect - Brantigan

The Lincoln-Tallman House is a Treasure of 19th Century Lifestyle and Architecture - Scott

W,H. Furness, Jr., American Painter - Thompson

The Bibliophilist - Recent Books on American Architects - Lewis

Volume 16 Number 2 1996

Gustave Herter's Interiors and Furniture for the Ruggles S. Morse Mansion - Palmer

Pierre-victor Galland (1822-1892) and 19th Century Decorative Painting Part I - Findlay

The French Connection: The Herter Brothers, the Second Empire and Elm Park - Howe

Fernside, the Estate of Alfred Andrew Cohen and Emilie Gibbons Cohen - Dunlop

Was Mrs. Pullman a Kidnapper? - Molloy

William Morris (1834-1896): A Personal View - Ellis

Volume 17 Number 1 1997

The Architectural Competition for the Philadelphia Academy of Music - Lewis

The Turbulent Birth of the Lick Observatory - Novy

In an Adirondack Idyll: The Brahmins of Follensby - Matson

Favorite Victorians: George Boker and Lawrence Barrett Intersecting Theatrical Lives - Kitts

Pierre Victor Galland (1822-1892) and 19th Century Decorative Painting Part II - Findlay

The Most Expensive Street in America (Prairie Avenue) - Molloy

The World's Columbian Exposition: Its Influence on the Milwaukee

Public Library and Museum Design Competition, 1893 - Steffensen-Bruce

Milestones: The Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE, Celebrates 125 Years 1871-1996/1997

Volume 17 Number 2 1997 STAINED GLASS

American Stained Glass: English Influence Before the 1880's - Raguin

An American Bias for Foreign Stained Glass - Farnsworth

Classics for the Classes: John LaFarge's Windows for Wellesley College - Yarnall

The Rivalry Between Louis Comfort Tiffany and John Lafarge - Sloan

The Twin Skylight Domes of the Baltimore City Courthouse - Brown

Chicago's Crown Jewel of the Arts and Crafts Movement: Second Presbyterian Church - Waggoner

The Echo of the Eaves: the Elevation in Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Prairie Window Designs - Sloan

Nocola D'Ascenzo: Philadelphia's Stained Glass Giant - Laverty

Milestones: The Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY. Celebrating 100 Years 1897-1997

Volume 18 Number 1 1998

A Most Interesting Spectacle:Omaha’s 1898 Trans-Mississippi Exposition—Pixley

The Vision of a Victorian Collector:Helen Munson Williams—D’Ambrosio

Soul’s Beauty:Burne-Jones and Girls on The Golden Stairs—Anderson

Making a Home What It Is:The Frances and John Glessner Collection of Steel Engravings—Molloy

Nineteenth Century Women as Architects: the “Ladder Question”—Steffensen-Bruce

Hunter House Victorian Mansion: Brilliance, Joy, and Bloom Into the Millennium—Cahill

Milestones: Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston, MA Celebrating 150 Years 1848-1998—Reynolds

Volume 18 Number 2 1998 PHILADELPHIA

Philadelphia’s Peace Jubilee Parades of 1898:Celebrating the End of “That Splendid Little War”—Leibold

No Strangers to the Ravages of Death: John Neagle’s Portrait of Dr. John Abraham Elkinton—Torchia

Philadelphia Cabinetmaker Isaac Jones and the Vansyckel Bedchamber Suite—Whalen

Milestones: Girard College—Laverty

Of a Doubtful Gothic: Islamic Sources for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts—Monaham

Chestnut Hill Academy Celebrates 100 Years at the Wissahickon Inn—O’Neill


Oscar Wilde, Colonialist, and Vikings: Newport and the Aesthetic Movement—Wilson

Candace Wheeler: A Modern Approach to Traditional Textile Arts—Muth

An Age of Surfaces: Aestheticism and American Painting in the Gilded Age—O’Leary

Picturesque Interiors for Newport: The Early Domestic Architecture of McKim, Mead, & White in Rhode

Island, 1874-1883—Miller

Restoration of John LaFarge’s Windows at Judson Memorial Church—Sloan

Robert De Montesquiou: A Poet-Peacock of the Belle Époque—Fisher

A Touch of Nash: The William Watts Sherman House and the Aesthetic Movement—O’Gorman

Volume 19 Number 2 1999

Lyndhurst’s Picturesque Design—Toole

“Inner Light”: Quaker Meeting Houses of Southeastern Massachusetts—Elkind

“The Neatest Stamp in the City”: Philadelphia’s Cameo Stamp Trade, 1850-1880—Beckman

The Gothic Revival Cottage and “Cottage Life” in America—Sullivan

“Classic Serenity” or “Oriental Splendor”: Cass Gilbert’s Designs for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904—Steffensen-Bruce

Milestones: The Museums at Stony Brook

Samuel Yellin Metalworkers: A Continuing Legacy—Fariello

Volume 20 Number 1 2000

Louise Shrimpton: Designer, Illustrator, Author—Cathers

Grand Vision: The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens—Dodd

The Confederacy in Boston: Preserving the Southern Mind—Hannon

House Remodeling in the Victorian Era: Nothing Sacred Under the Shingles—Reiff

Shocking Improvements: Electricity in the American Household at the Turn of the Twentieth Century—Evans

Milestones: John Ruskin (1819-1900)

Art Marries Commerce: Trade Cards in Gilded Age America—Blanchard


Beyond Extravagant: Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, British Columbia—Davies

Fact and Fiction Regarding Prostitution in Mid-Nineteenth Century American Cities—Topping

“The Latest Style Pictures Handsomely Executed”: A Glimpse of Victorian Photography, with Early Kansas References—Jenkner



A Lady Among Her Things—Seale

What is Neo-Grec?—Ames

Frederick Law Olmsted’s Theory on Landscape Design—Beveridge

Exterior Color and the Victorian Home—Dornsife

Lincoln Park: A Notebook of Architectural Types—Sprague


Observations of an Architect: Herbert Langford Warren’s 1878 Sketchbook—Meister

A Passion for Preservation in San Vice, California—Coleman

“When Love First Began”: The Private World of The Evergreens, Amherst, Massachusetts—Longsworth & Farmer

The “Wild West” Design and Architecture of Mary E.J. Colter—Cooke

Victorian Advice: The 1840 House—Thompson

Milestones: Queen Victoria—The Royal Life, As She Saw It, In Memoriam Victoria Regina (1819-1901)—Ayres

Volume 21 Number 2 2001

Civil War Cinderella—Finney

Gilded Aspirations, Tarnished Dreams: The Hartford Home of Same and Livy Clemens—Mayer

The Americanization of The Blessed Damozel—Steffensen

Victorian Advice: All You Need to Know—Thompson

Collecting…Butter Pats—Dessoie

Milestones: A Century Ago—Behind the Scenes with “Uncle Hank”: The 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo—Bamford

Volume 22 Number 1 2002

Adah Isaacs Menken, 19th Century Superstar—Foster & Foster

When Journalists Became Critics: The Birth of American Art Criticism—Dearinger

Reconstructing Lincoln: Henry Kirk Browne’s Monuments to a Slain President—Lemmey

The Choralcelo, A Pioneer Electronic Keyboard Instrument—Dymbrowski

Victorian Advice: Victorian Marriage Manuals—Thompson

Collecting…Highlight from the Society’s Dornsife Collection—Moss

Milestones: Edith Warton’s The Mount—Marshall

Volume 22 Number 2 2002

The Advent of the American Christmas Card—Jane Bayard Curley

“A Dome of Many-Colored Glass” Re-creating the Unbuilt at Boldt Castle—Julie L. Sloan

The Etching Club of London—Andrea Fredericksen

Oscar Wilde, Tastemaker—Allison Kyle Leopold

Research Notes: Some Massachusetts Archival Treasure Houses

Victorian Advice: Sewing Lessons—Neville Thompson

Milestones: The McClellan House, Portland, Maine, Transformed for Its Centennial

Volume 23 Number 1 2003

Modjeska, “Queen of Dramatic Art”—Sally Buchanan Kinsey

The “American Window Department” of the Gorham Manufacturing Company—Paul F. Norton

Paris in the New World, Arthur Gilman’s Vision of American Architecture—Roger G. Reed

A Lesson in Mourning, The Funeral of Washington Irving—Barbara S. Finney

Victorian Advice: Terror in the Ballroom: What to Wear, How to Dance, What to Say—Neville Thompson

Victorian Gardens: From Gallica to the Gardenesque: Rose Gardens Emerge in the 19th Century—Richard R. Iversen

Milestones: The New York Crystal Palace—Margot Gayle et al.+

Volume 23 Number 2 2003

H.H. Richardson and the Civil War Memorial—James F. O’Gorman

The Taste for “Civilized landscapes”, Turn-of-the-Century Art Collecting in New England—Elizabeth Johns

Sister Act, The Fox Family and the Birth of the American Spiritualist Movement—Jeanne Mackin

Trainboys—John H. White Jr.

Victorian Advice: Bedside Matters—Counsel for “the Household Physician” —Neville Thompson

Milestones: 150 Years Ago…The Mighty Majestic Never Closes—Marti Oye

Volume 24 Number 1 2004

Frank Lloyd Wright's First Architectural Design—Paul Sprague

Chasing Butterflies and Peacocks along Cheyne Walk, Whistle Rossetti, and the Triumph of Art over Life—Rozanne Cohen

"Genial Remembrances of Greener Days Gone By", The Victorian Window Garden —Richard R. Iversen

Elegance Comes to Lake Champlain—David Hislop

Victorian Tastemakers: Eastlake and "Eastlake" - The Man and the Furniture—Kimberley A. Wagner

Victorian Pastimes: Phantom Bouquets—Barbara Finney

Milestones: 150 Years: La-breithe mhaith agat! Oscar!—Sally Buchanan Kinsey

Volume 24 Number 2 2004

Mark Twain on Architecture—James F. O'Gorman
Modernismo and Puerto Rican Architecture, 1890-1930: Antonin Nechodoma and Alfredo Wiechers—Jorge Rigau
Frances Benjamin Johnston: Promoting Women Photographers in The Ladies Home Journal—Gillian Greenhill Hannum
Built to Honor: The Soldiers and Sailors  Monument on Boston Common—Helen Hannon
Milestones: The Albert Memorial at Age 140—Sally Buchanan Kinsey

Volume 25 Number 1 2005

Ruskin Reconsidered—Patricia Likos Ricci
George Loring Brown and the Bay of Naples—Amy Golahny
The Iowa Railroad Wars and George Henry Yewell's "Muscatine Opposition"—Alfred A. Guerra
Subtropical Gardening: Glimpses of Luxuriant Vegetation in Our Northern Climate—Richard R. Iversen

Victorian Pastimes: Wax Fruit and Flowers—Barbara Finney

Volume 25 Number 2 2005

Telling Art: The Art Collections at Lyndhurst—Henry J. Duffy
Family Ties: Thomas Eakins and the Sartains—Roberta A. Mayer
Why Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House Doesn't Have a Front Door—Paul Sprague
Toys for Budding Architects—Ingrid Steffensen

Victorian Holidays: Christmas with Queen Victoria—Michael Hunter

Milestones: (Im)Proper Victorian—Sally Buchanan Kinsey

Volume 26 Number 1 2006

The Ceramics of Louis Comfort Tiffany—Lindsy Riepma Parrott
Sorting Aesthetics: Henry Shaw, the Picturesque and the Gardenesque in St. Louis—Carol Grove
Washington Irving's Cockloft Summerhouse: Literature Transformed into Architecture—Barbara Finney
"Slaves of the Rails": Street Railway Conductors and Drivers—John H. White Jr.

Paris in Panama: The National Theatre Murals of Roberto Lewis—Anton Rajer

Volume 26 Number 2 2006

Victorian-era Synagogues of the Lower East Side—Joyce Mendelsohn
Who Designed Yale's First Library Building—James F. O'Gorman
Young Olmsted in England—Charles C. McLaughlin
Cutthroat Competition in the Port City: Victorian Mobile's Ornamental Iron Trade—John S. Sledge
Milestones: The Loves of Lillie—Sally Buchanan Kinsey

Volume 27 Number 1 2007

Reconfiguring the Renaissance: American Mural Painting in Light of the Italian Renaissance—Ingrid Steffensen
Victoriana 1930—Alan Rosenberg
"Hope and Keep Busy": The Alcott Family at Orchard House—Helen Hannon
Craigflower Farm: Homesteading Under the British Empire—Maureen Duffus
Focus on...: Firescreens—Brian Coleman

Volume 27 Number 2 2007

London Art Critics and American Art, 1855-1867 - Barbara Finney
A Prairie-School House in Coastal Maine: Finding the "Cottage on Bustin's Island"  Paul Kruty
The Italian Neoclassical in Williamsport: The Marbles of the J.V. Brown Library - Amy Golahny
"The Richardson Memorial": Mariana Griswold Van Renssalaer's Henry Hobson Richardson and His Works - Carla Yanni
Focus on... Cartes de Visite "Yes, this is my Album..." - James S. Brust

Volume 28 Number 1 2008

“Somewhat Closer than Ordinary Friendship”: Julia Margaret Cameron’s “Little Society” – Rozanne Cohen
William Sidney Mount’s Musician Series – Eva Greguski
“It Is Believed It Will Stand The Ordeal of Criticism”: Henry Austin’s New Haven City Hall – James F. O’Gorman
Outside the Gates: Buffalo Bill and the Columbian Exposition – Sarah J. Blackstone
Focus on… Kimbel & Cabus, American Gothic Revival Furniture – Stephen Van Dyk
Focus on… Dr. Cogswell’s Fountain Crusade – John Lockwood
Milestones: Dr. Jackson, the Curist: Part II, Dress Reform – Sally Buchanan Kinsey

Volume 28 Number 2 2008

Frank Furness at Thirty: The Armory of the First City Troop – Michael J. Lewis
The Indian in His Solitude: N.C. Wyeth's Images of Native Americans
Erin R. Corrales-Diaz
Emporia of Eternity: "Rural" Cemeteries and Urban Goods in Antebellum Philadelphia
Aaron Wunsch
"An Edifice of Sound": Frank Lloyd Wright and Ludwig van Beethoven – Ingrid Steffensen
Focus on… Lincoln's 1865 Inaugural Ball – Charles J. Robertson
Focus on… Wall Street's Three Trinities – Rollins Maxwell
Milestones: Ellen Terry, Aesthetic Muse – Sally Buchanan Kinsey

Volume 29 Number 1 2009

Louis Comfort Tiffany's Early Pressed-Glass Tiles – Roberta A. Mayer
The Evanescence of the Butterfly: Effects of Aging on Whistler's Paintings – Aileen Tsui
Pure Water for Boston – James F. O’Gorman
Graystone: From Forest and Farmland to Grand Estate to Public Park – Billie S. Britz
Focus on… The Much Memorialized Colonel Lowell – Helen Hannon
Milestones: Rupert Brooke: The Young Lion in America – Sally Buchanan Kinsey
Victorian Relations – William Ayres

Volume 29 Number 2 2009

Mount Pleasant: Los Angeles Real Estate Development as Seen Through the Lens of One Victorian House – Jessica Maria Alicea-Covarrubias
Gleanings from the Diaries of Isaiah Rogers, Architect – James F. O'Gorman
The Crawford Sisters and the China-Painting Craze – Elizabeth Perrill
A Phantom Theatre Circuit: The Shuberts in Western Canada – Anthony Vickery
Milestones: Harriet Quimby, Icarian Aviatrix – Sally Buchanan Kinsey

Volume 30 Number 1 2010

The Formidable Arabella: Interior Design and Furnishing of the Collis P. Huntington House – Whitney Thompson
Dream Children: The Photographically Illustrated Books of Elizabeth B. Brownell – Gillian Greenhill Hannum
The Victorian Miser's Purse – Laura Camerlengo
A Prairie House for a Mountaintop: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Reverend William Guthrie – Paul Sprague
The Salmagundi Club - Alexander Katlan
Milestones: Who's for Dinner – Sally Buchanan Kinsey
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